Development of sound Exit Strategies and Planning should be part of every private business owners’ long term Business Plan.  However, most privately held business owners have never really even given this life changing event any thought until it is too late.  We can help develop both near term and long range plans to help you realize the best possible outcome.

  • Planning: Scripting a plan with real goals and sound objectives to realize your personal goals.
  • Market Value Analysis: Understanding the value of your Company on today’s market and what might need to be done to boost the value or structure a buyout by partners or siblings.
  • Brokerage: The actual sale or merger process with a third party conducted through a comprehensive analysis of the business and Marketing to qualified buyers. This is augmented through development of a complete Prospectus outlining the vital statistics, company history, trends and future potential, all of which help the prospective buyer see the true financial or strategic value in the business. SBRgroup provides a total package of services designed to take a transaction through to closing.